Onomatopoeia – No that’s not it.


The band is called Omonoko

They’re from Northern Ireland.

Here’s a great band from Newry, Ireland that’s making some great sounds. They’ve released two EPs — one in 2017 called Animals — and one very recently in 2019 called Wild Heart. Please visit them at the links below and let them know you heard them on Audio Gumshoe!

Vocals and Guitar – Brendan Fitzpatrick
Guitar and Vocals – Ryan Fitzpatrick
Bass – Padraig Mcloughlin
Drums and percusion – Martin Mcloughlin

Spin That Wire Until It Glows


Here’s some fantastic, high energy punk/pop/rock/new-wave whatchacallit music from a band in Buffalo NY called the Spin Wires. Get out of your chair and dance to this!

Find them in these here places:

Hey cool visitor, here’s another song:

This isn’t in the show, but it’s here for you! Hipster Girls by Spin Wire as seen on the Tube of You.

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I Can’t Stay Away!

Audio Gumshoe has been in production off and on since 2005. The show was first titled Miami Valley Musicast during the first few months of 2005. It featured only musicians from southwest Ohio (not Miami, Florida as many people thought). Following a cease and desist order by a domain squatter who owned the rights to the name musicast* the show was renamed Audio Gumshoe and the music began to feature a range of talents from around the globe.

A member of the former Association of Music Podcasting, Audio Gumshoe was teamed with a diverse group of music podcasts that featured every genre of music imaginable. It was a pleasure to get to know and work with this great group of producers from countries all around the planet.

Unfortunately, life happens and we all have had to go our many separate ways, so the show was shuttered in 2018. Wow. Thirteen years of music and production. And then, 2019 came and I felt the itch to continue production. So, the show is rebooted!

When I quit producing, I stated I only wished I had the time to do more. I am also a musician and I truly enjoy the time performing with my own band. I write when possible — AND — I am thrilled to watch my own son write and perform music with his band, as well. So — the craft continues.

I’ll compile all I can from the archives and will place them at Archive.org as soon as time permits. Look for some of the back catalog from both Miami Valley Musicast and Audio Gumshoe there now. And watch for some of the more recent shows in the very near future.

Cheers to all,

Rich Palmer

p.s. Please follow my personal exploits on Instagram and points beyond: IG rich_palmer | richpalmer.com

*[incidentally, this person has done little to develop a business on the name and has a sparse and barely functioning site even after 13 years]