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The File Box

Image by Junior Henry
As I mentioned in the last episode of Audio Gumshoe, today’s show features a variety of artists from the submission files. Episode 156 will also feature a variety of artists, rather than the usual feature artist format. If you like what you hear — or perhaps don’t — please leave me your thoughts (vis a vis feedback) by clicking the tab on the right hand side of the page — or by visiting the voicemail page.

Songs and Artists Played

– Neurogenesis (Monks of Mellonwah)
– Million Pieces (Patchy)
– If I Could Fly (Charity Chapman)
– Get Dirty (Alec Berlin)
– Henry at Home (Alec Berlin)
– Backbone (Lay Low)
– Safe to Say (Russell Howard)
– Comfortably (Leaving Venus)
– Jump (DimWisdom)
– Doin’ Nothin’ (Tom Fuller Band)
Many thanks to the crew at Ariel Publicity for helping us find several of the artists on this episode, including Lay Low, Charity Chapman, and Tom Fuller Band. Their support is always greatly appreciated.

Also, thanks to Junior Henry for his use of the photo “Bi-axial Spin” on this post. Find him on Flickr. The image is Creative Commons licensed (some rights reserved). You can request to license his images at Getty Images.

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