Songs Played

– Just a Game
– Two Lovers
– Hypnotized
– Hitman Blues
– Stay Gone for Good //

I love The Blue News…Sultry, sexy, dirty and organic…Rich and warm songs, genuine vocals, true musicians doing what they love. I’m a fan. – Sylvia Massy (Producer – RadioStar)

Image of the members of The Blue NewsIt’s been awhile since we’ve heard the blues on Audio Gumshoe. But this isn’t just any blues, it’s tight, rockin’, blues built to last. I was pleased to get the email asking me to consider the group for the show. I’m a closet blues fan (perhaps someone will remember my old show “Blogs, Views and Blues”?) and always enjoy tracks that dig in, rock the beat a bit, yet maintain the feel and passion of the genre. The Blue News does that.

The band has some great news and credit to their name, too. Recently, they were notified that their song “Two Lovers” is featured on the “Fresh Cuts” CD Compilation released by Guitar Center. This volume is not yet released, but we’re told that upcoming Volume 7 will also feature Sublime With Rome (formerly Sublime). Past volumes have included Weezer, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, KRS-One, and New Found Glory.

Album cover image for Wartime Songs by The Blue News

Songs heard on this episode of Audio Gumshoe are from the EP Wartime Songs.

The album consists of 6 new songs recorded by legendary studio “guru” Jim Devito at Retrophonics Recording Studios in St. Augustine, FL. The album was mixed at RadioStar Studios in Weed, CA by Fernando Flores with famed producer Sylvia Massy! Sylvia worked with Rick Rubin in the 90s and has worked in the studio with Tool, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash and many more multi-platinum artists.

Another great credit for the band: The songs “Hitman Blues” and “Just a Game” can be found on Rock Band 3. Previous releases “So Easy” and “You’ve Got Someone” are found on Rock Band 2. Not bad, eh?

Oh, and if you want to be a triva buff, The Blues News are connected to Kevin Bacon through the legendary six steps of separation:

Yes, The Blues News has reached the status of being connected to Kevin Bacon through six degrees of separation.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
1. The Blue News recorded with Jim Devito
2. Jim Devito recorded Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
3. Tom Petty’s video for Into The Great Wide Open starred Johnny Depp
4. Johnny Depp starred with actor Benicio Del Toro in Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
5. Benicio Del Toro starred in 21 Grams with Sean Penn
6. Sean Penn starred in Mystic River, also starring Kevin Bacon

Be sure to check out the band’s schedule on their site at They play throughout the midwest, including Louisville, Indianapolis, and of course, Chicago.

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