Audio Gumshoe is Taking a Break

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Dear Audio Gumshoe listener and reader:

Audio Gumshoe is taking a break. Many outside commitments cause me to divert attention away from the show. It is not fair to the musicians when I let their files stack up in the AG file cabinet. Many great artists have sent tunes to the show. I don’t get enough opportunity to let you hear them.

The show will be back as soon as I can give it more attention. Until then, I invite you to follow my posts at Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. I will share links to artists that I like. Hopefully, you will like them, too.

Many of you have been faithful listeners since the show began (as Miami Valley Musicast). I appreciate your comments and your dedication. Thank you for being on this wonderful ride with me.

I will see you around the next bend. Until then, I wish you all the best.


Artists and Songs Played

Artist: Rayne
Song: Fallen

Artist: NeverWhas
Song: Driftwood

Artist: Wildcat O’Halloran
Song: Bottled Bravery and Canned Courage

Artist: Luke Payne
Song: Us Now

Artist: Shotaway
Song: Runaway Lane

Artist: SodaCup Killer
Song: Gig on Saturn

Artist: Miccoli
Song: Idle Stranger

Artist: Notion of Self
Song: A Breath of Fresh Air

Artist: Craig Alan Hughes
Song: Photographs of You and Your Lover

Artist: Carousels and Limousines
Song: 17s

Artist: Sam Page
Song: Take It Easy

Artist: Church of Rock n Roll
Song: Time Ain’t Waitin’ Baby

Artist: Rich Palmer
Song: Don’t Tell Me Any Lies


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