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Pinch [pinch] -verb Slang
a. to catch
b. to arrest
Specifically as seen in film noir featuring gumshoe detectives.

Audio Gumshoe Pinched Tracks are songs that have been submitted to the show by artists hoping for play to potential new fans. Often, these artists don’t submit enough material to be featured artists. Their songs are still good, though, and worthy of playing at Audio Gumshoe. If you like these, please visit the artist links to find out more — and to purchase their music if it is available.

Tubie and the Touchtones

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This is the Blues, Texas Style, very much in the vein Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, and Johnny Winter. The band has become a fixture in their hometown of Navasota, which has been officially proclaimed as the Blues Capital of Texas by the state legislature. In fact, the band has twice played in the Texas State Capitol rotunda during legislative sessions to commemorate the heritage of Texas Blues.

Song Played

When the Rubber Meets the Road

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