Recalling Love in the Here and Now – Audio Gumshoe 164


Recalling Love in the Here and Now

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It seems that the lyrics and titles of songs begin to create a greater theme when I’m putting these shows together. As I listen to each of the artists’ submission, I begin to realize an overall picture or thought. Today, it is that love can be brutal. We remember it, we want to dismiss it, we want to find it again, we fear it, and yet we hope to make it last. If you like what you hear in today’s show — or perhaps don’t — please leave me your thoughts/feedback by clicking the “Send Voicemail” tab on the right hand side of the page — or by visiting the voicemail page. You can also submit your comments using the form on the contact page.

Artists and Songs Played

Artist: FrodoCPU
Song: Drop of Love

Artist: Damion Taylor
Song: Fear of Love

Artist: Ghostrain
Song: I Recall

Artist: T.S. Idiot
Song: I’m Not Here

Artist: Grownup Avenger Stuff
Song: Now

Artist: Jeff Campbell
Song: Shut Your Mouth

Artist: Jenny Katz
Song: Ernst

Artist: Craymo
Song: Moment

Artist: J.J. Crowne
Song: Another Day of Love

Artist: California Death Rays
Song: California Death Rays

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