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Can we talk about dynamics? Seriously, you need to investigate this. Something has happened in the music world over the past several decades. We’ve lost the dynamics. Every song being produced for commercial consumption seems to be pushed to its very sonic limits. Songs are compressed, pushed to a point where the frequencies are clipped and we’ve become conditioned to be okay with distorted recordings (I’m not talking about distortion as an effect with guitars and other instruments).

Sam Harrison is an artist that has released new songs that are mastered in the way we should hear them. Very little compression. Dynamics are intact. In fact, his entire EP “The Wish” is mastered for listening on vinyl recordings.

The most impressive information about Sam Harrison’s new release is that it was recorded on a 1969 Sully 8-Track 1 tape machine. He and his producer/engineer brother, Rob, discovered the machine and refurbished it for use in their studio at Long Haired Music in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. They wanted to experiment to see what type of sounds that they could produce. It soon became obvious that something special was forming; they released these sessions in the order that they were recorded as the EP “The Wish.”

Sam Harrison is quickly carving a name for himself. He has played at the 2012 Olympic Games, at Glastonbury 2013, and the Edinburgh Fringe. He also tours with his band “The Breakfast Club.”

When discussing his new EP, Sam says, “Working to tape was the best thing. I had to work less on building a texture, because whatever I put down just sounded right.” He continues, “When I heard myself back, I heard classic records in the tone and just went ‘OK – That’s how they did it. Mystery solved.'”

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Songs Played

– Let’s Pretend
– Ketamine Kim
– Rockstar

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