They Stole My Crayon – AG180


They Stole My Crayon
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They Stole My Crayon are an ethereal alternative music band from Southern California. Comprised of three multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, They Stole My Crayon employs a vast variety of influences and mixes them with beautiful dissonance, fascinating song structures, and an eccentric sense of musicality.

These are musicians who get out of the city. This album is far more pastoral than any LA band that comes to mind. And expansive beyond any trio save for the music of XTC. It’s good to remember that LA beaches are sometimes foggy as lush melodic vocal harmony-based tracks evoke prog/folk conversational markers advanced by experimental English bands Beatles, Pink Floyd, and West Coasters Alice In Chains, Elliott Smith, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Pato Milo

Dead Cat Hat, San Francisco

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Musical Real Estate – AG179


We’re going to check out some musical real estate during this episode. This includes a band with global origins that moved to New York City, some Aussies who take up space in Melbourne, a project from Spain, and finally rounding our way to the feature artist in Oklahoma City.

Songs and Artists Played

image of commuters album art
Before I Was Born – The Commuters [BandcampSpotifyiTunes] [YouTubeFacebookInstagramTwitter]

image of Kites album art
Peyote – Kinematic [iTunesSpotifyJamendoSoundcloud] [FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagramYouTube]

image of album art from dofhei project
Kind of Light – Dofhei Project [Bandcamp – iTunes – JamendoSpotify] [YouTube DemoFacebook]

Featured Artist


Songs Played

  • Must Be Something
  • Drifting
  • If It’s True

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Gritty, Heavy and Brooklynite Glam Punk – AG178


The files are a bit more heavy and gritty this time. And we learn about the adventures of a glam-punk band from Brooklyn. Some portions of this episode may not be safe for work (NSFW).

Songs and Artists Played

image of Vintage Pistol EP artimage of Circle Story album art

Featured Artist

J and the 9s

  • Revolution [VIDEO]
  • Other Side
  • Love to Be [Clean Version]
  • [VIDEO]

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Help the Band Get Back Home!

J and the 9s made it all the way to California on their Vans Warped Tour ’17 journey, but they’ve run out of funds! Click to Donate (and receive a copy of the new yet-to-be-released EP)!

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The Gumshoe is Back on the Job – AG177


The office is open; the dust is being cleared. Song files are piled up and it’s time to start playing the music again!

Songs and Artists Played

Featured Artist


Three songs were played from the album Planet

  • Don’t Look Back
  • Stay Off the Trails
  • Enjoy Your Rainbow

image of Aihvhia album art from Planet
Album Links: BandcampCD BabyGoogle PlaySpotify
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Sam Harrison – AG176


Sam Harrison

image of musician Sam Harrison
Can we talk about dynamics? Seriously, you need to investigate this. Something has happened in the music world over the past several decades. We’ve lost the dynamics. Every song being produced for commercial consumption seems to be pushed to its very sonic limits. Songs are compressed, pushed to a point where the frequencies are clipped and we’ve become conditioned to be okay with distorted recordings (I’m not talking about distortion as an effect with guitars and other instruments).

Sam Harrison is an artist that has released new songs that are mastered in the way we should hear them. Very little compression. Dynamics are intact. In fact, his entire EP “The Wish” is mastered for listening on vinyl recordings.

The most impressive information about Sam Harrison’s new release is that it was recorded on a 1969 Sully 8-Track 1 tape machine. He and his producer/engineer brother, Rob, discovered the machine and refurbished it for use in their studio at Long Haired Music in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. They wanted to experiment to see what type of sounds that they could produce. It soon became obvious that something special was forming; they released these sessions in the order that they were recorded as the EP “The Wish.”

Sam Harrison is quickly carving a name for himself. He has played at the 2012 Olympic Games, at Glastonbury 2013, and the Edinburgh Fringe. He also tours with his band “The Breakfast Club.”

When discussing his new EP, Sam says, “Working to tape was the best thing. I had to work less on building a texture, because whatever I put down just sounded right.” He continues, “When I heard myself back, I heard classic records in the tone and just went ‘OK – That’s how they did it. Mystery solved.'”

I leave it to you to follow the (very few) links in this page to find out more about this musician.

Enjoy the show — and don’t forget to talk up Sam Harrison on your social profiles. He’ll love knowing that you’re talking about him.

Songs Played

– Let’s Pretend
– Ketamine Kim
– Rockstar

Band Links

Long Haired Music
The Wish on Bandcamp
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Sam Harrison at YouTube

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