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Audio Gumshoe Pinched Tracks

Pinch [pinch] -verb Slang
a. to catch
b. to arrest
Specifically as seen in film noir featuring gumshoe detectives.

Audio Gumshoe Pinched Tracks are songs that have been submitted to the show by artists hoping for play to potential new fans. Often, these artists don’t submit enough material to be featured artists. Their songs are still good, though, and worthy of playing at Audio Gumshoe. If you like these, please visit the artist links to find out more — and to purchase their music if it is available.

Nick Gill

album art for Nick Gill EPNick Gill is an 19 year-old pop rock singer/songwriter from Fairhope, Alabama. In August 2009, Nick Gill began recording his 3rd self-titled album. The five track EP was recorded at Fudge Recording Studio in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nick recorded the album with producers, Jack Miele (The Molly Ringwalds) and Jacques Delatour.

Song Played

– Game

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