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The Commuters

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Songs Played

– As I Make My Way
– Rescue
– Take a Step Back
– Bombs Away
– We Are Breathing


About the Show

The first single off the album, “As I Make My Way,” has been making big waves since its debut in September. It received extensive college radio play and the video was added by mtvU to the channel’s rotation.

As I mention in the show, it is a great day when I can open my email to check show submissions and I find a band as tight as this. The songs are well-written, well-produced, and the performances are well-executed. Solid acts like this are sometimes hard to find.

The Commuters do a great job presenting stories about life — perhaps from the view of living in NYC? — to which people world-wide might relate. Their use of dynamics throughout this album shows that they understand music is a direct portrayal of our own lives. None of us lives it loud, full bore, one hundred percent of the time, with much success. We have times when we get quiet, reflect, and even listen to ourselves. I appreciate a band that shares dynamics in their songs.

image of the Commuters album cover, RaceI mention in this episode that there must, indeed, be something wrong with the music industry when bands like this are not better known. I encourage everyone to give this band a listen, either through this episode, or by downloading their tracks (link below) for FREE! Spread the word and get these guys known by as many people as possible.

We’re really excited and grateful for the strong positive reception the album has been getting,” said Zeeshan Zaidi, lead singer and guitarist for The Commuters. “And I’m equally excited about giving the album away for free on our site – I want as many people to hear it as possible.

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Dave Sasscer – Audio Gumshoe 127


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Dave Sasscer

Dave Sasscer promotion image

Songs Played

– Ella
– Aguadilla
– Todos Reconocen
– Puerto Rico
– Quiet Mind

Dave is a New York City based singer songwriter. He was raised in Puerto Rico and currently performs his mesmerizing version of polyglot Spanish and English rock and reggae songs in clubs around New York City. He has just released his new album of Spanish Rock songs called “Cuentos de la Porta Del Sol (Capitulo Uno); available on iTunes and other online outlets.

Cuentos de La Porta Del Sol (Capitulo Uno) album artI was looking for a sound that I hadn’t played on Audio Gumshoe in awhile. It seemed to me that a latin feel was in order. I started my search this time at Ariel Publicity. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the very first artist and found that he was, indeed, a latin performer.

What I liked about Dave Sasscer at the first listen was that his music didn’t simply provide latin rhythms — it also provided a natural groove and feel that made the toe tap and the body sway. Whether physically or emotionally, music should move us. Sasscer’s tunes did this for me as soon as I began to explore his songs.

Dave Sasscer’s album “Cuentos de la Porta Del Sol (Capitulo Uno)” reflects his ability to not only share the feel of his birth-land Puerto Rico, but the influences he cites. Dave says he “…learned to write songs by listening to the Beatles and learned to sing by mimicking Bob Marley. Or maybe it was the other way around…” Regardless, he provides listeners with a polyglot of Spanish and English tunes that you can find him performing in venues around the New York City area. The NYC crowd has begun to call his music “rhythmic rock.”

From his bio:

[Dave Sasscer] is joined in the studio and onstage by a roving group of musicians that go by the name the “Mojo Conga Jam”. Regular members of the “MCJ”
include David Patterson on guitar (alumnus of Atlanta Singer/songwriter Shaun Mullins and the Indigo Girls), David Gomez on percussion (internationally acclaimed Latin Jazz percussionist and Hiram Bullock/Omar Hakim collaborator), and various other luminaries of the NYC music scene.

His songs have appeared on television shows, feature films and international DVD releases and have been played on the radio all around the world. He has also worked with such stars at Richie Havens and has pitched songs to internationally acclaimed artists including Norah Jones and Carlos Santana.

Dave Sasscer on StageIn the show I stated that I took the liberty to include an additional song not found on “Cuentos de la Porta Del Sol (Capitulo Uno).” “Quiet Mind” is the title track from a 2007 release and is the album featured at Dave Sasscer’s web site. I found it to be such a pleasant song that I wanted to share it and the video as well. Be sure to view the video at the bottom of this post.

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Quiet Mind

Dave Sasscer | MySpace Music Videos

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