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Bliss Bomb

Bliss Bomb Album Art for Fever Dream
Whomever decided to deliver the file for this band to the Audio Gumshoe offices must have known that this would be a case that we couldn’t refuse. Bliss Bomb is a smoldering female-fronted ten-piece band playing a dynamic blend of original pop, funk and jazz, with a sexy-sophisticated vibe that harkens back to old Hollywood glamour and smoky film noir. What’s not to like?

And just when we thought that we’d figured them out — they switched direction on us. It wasn’t the classic double-back maneuver, though. They went into outer-space! You’ll want to take your gravity boots — and maybe your elephant gun — if you want to catch up to this group. They’ll have you so distracted with gravity-resistant dancing and full-on jungle boogie that you’ll forget what it was that you meant to do.

Bliss Bomb released an album called “Fever Dream.” It is available at CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon. Here’s some surveillance video that we found.

Somebody else seems to be watching them, too. You’ll want to play the show audio to hear full cuts of these songs, though.

I leave it to you to follow the links in this page to find out more about this band. Watch your back, though. They seem to know how to get into trouble.

Enjoy the show — and don’t forget to talk up Bliss Bomb on your social profiles. They’ll love knowing that you’re talking about them.

Songs Played

– Double Agent Man
– Interplanetary Groove
– Trouble

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