Et Tu Brucé – Audio Gumshoe 157


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Et Tu Brucé

Suburban Sunshine album cover art

Songs Played

– This City
– Never Seen You Cry
– Stars Fall
– Dress Me Up in Bruises
– Never Say Trevor Again

Hailing from Hanwell in sunny London ‘Suburban Sunshine’ is the incredible debut album release from Et Tu Brucé. Their first single ‘This City/Never Seen You Cry’ was championed by BBC 6 Music, BBC London & X-FM amongst many other tastemaker radio stations. ‘Stars Fall’ followed, and continued where the first release left off, with added coverage on a variety of commercial stations and by Frank Skinner on his Absolute Radio show.

Et Tu Brucé is one of those bands that became an easy favorite for me after my first listen. The music has the familiarity of most of the great classic bands that I’ve enjoyed through the years, while sounding clean, fresh, and well-produced. Though it has a retro sound, the album “Suburban Sunshine” benefits from the newest audio technology, good engineering and a thoughtful ear during the mastering process.

Never Say Trevor Again single artwork“Suburban Sunshine” almost didn’t make its way to my radar. I had been traveling quite a bit since this past May and found the email submissions for the show stacking up considerably. The email from Monty at Blah Blah Promotions arrived during this time. It would have been very easy for me to move forward through the messages while only giving this one a cursory glance. I’m glad I read it. I’m even more glad that I listened.

Be sure to visit the band’s YouTube page to see the video for the song “Never Say Trevor Again”. Quite fun.

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