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Read it all. Any variances will result in your music being disregarded.


The appearance of email addresses on this site does NOT give you permission to subscribe them to your email list or newsletter. Should you subscribe these without consent, your service, bands or artists will be permanently excluded from consideration.

Submission Rules

Please submit no more than three songs.

Requirements for inclusion are:

  • Music is original material (no covers)
  • Artist owns their own masters and has full mechanical and performance rights
  • No royalties can be paid to the artist/musician as this show is not licensed with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, or similar agencies.
  • Music played may be used in promotional materials or affiliated shows.
  • Music submitted will NOT be released to other parties or used for other purposes without the express permission of the artist.

Make sure that all id3 tags are filled in for your song files. If songs cannot be matched to their artists they are essentially useless. Also name your song files so that they can be distinguished as your own. Title such as “track3.mp3” or “lovesong.mp3” don’t help.

NOTE: Submission of your music does not guarantee play on the show. It simply provides you the opportunity to have your music reviewed for possible inclusion. Thank you for your understanding.

IMPORTANT: Audio Gumshoe NO LONGER accepts mailed promo kits or CDs.

One more thing

Songs demonstrating hate speech, racism, or acts of violence against ANY group of people or professions will NOT be played on Audio Gumshoe.

Songs with some rap content may be considered if it is used to highlight a specific section of a song. Songs with only rap as the main vocal content do not typically match the listening audience for this show.

Your understanding is appreciated. No songs with hate speech or racism will be played. At all. Never.


Do NOT upload more than three songs at this time.

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