Submit Music

Want to submit some songs for Rich to feature on Audio Gumshoe?

There are some RULES

  1. All music submitted must be original content created by the band/musician.
  2. The person submitting content must have the rights to do so.
  3. The artist/musician submitting music understands that Audio Gumshoe is promoting the content to assist in the artist/musician’s efforts to reach new audiences. No royalties or other fees will be paid to the artist/musicians.
  4. No FILES will be accepted through this web site. It is the artist responsibility to provide links where the music can be downloaded without cost to Rich Palmer or Audio Gumshoe. Most artists provide media provider links when promoting their music.
  5. MOST IMPORTANT – No really, I mean it. I’ve been doing this a long time and don’t want to play the game. DO NOT subscribe Audio Gumshoe to your email list. I don’t need it; won’t read it; don’t appreciate it. I’ve been very happy to support musicians with their promotion through the past 14 years with this show. I don’t have the time, however, to read all of those promo messages that don’t typically apply to me or my geographic area. If you subscribe me — your email will be sent to spam and I will likely not consider your music for the show. (Whew, I hate doing that, but you heard me, right?) You are welcome to email me with personal messages, however. I’m glad to talk with you. (See, I’m a nice guy.)
  6. There’s no number six. Five was plenty.

Ready to submit some songs?