Songs Played

– They’ll Strike You Out
– Hypnotizer
– On Your Way
– Right On
– Wily, Tricky, Foxy, Sharp //

Swedish rock act Stone Antica was first described as a local funk/rock band. Over the years their sound has developed into something more unique with rougher riffs and louder songs, though their funky roots can still be heard in their music even today.

Logo image for the band Stone AnticaIt doesn’t seem that there’s ever been a Swedish band on Audio Gumshoe, but I might have to search back through the archives to be sure. The closest that I may have come is when I featured Robert Rolfe Feddersen, but that can’t be right, either. He’s from Crown Pointe, Indiana. Regardless, I’d say it’s about time.

If you are into driving rock and roll, tinged with some funk undertones, and a bit of raw blues tone for good measure, this is probably a good fit for you. Stone Antica presented their material to me back in the summer of 2011. They were then working on the final touches of their self-titled debut album. They had released the track, “They’ll Strike You Out,” on iTunes and Spotify. I submitted it for play on AMPed New Music Weekly Show #293; it is the first song you will hear on this episode of Audio Gumshoe.

With the exception of a laid-back, smooth intro on “On Your Way” each of these tracks drives forward with high-energy rhythm, solid guitar work and well sung vocals. The solid production helps take Stone Antica away from their self-proclaimed “struggling basement band” status. It is quality rock and roll — deserving of world-wide audiences.Image for Stone Antica album

The band describes the steps taken to help them achieve final release of the album “Stone Antica”:

[It was] was recorded at three different locations in 2010. Drum sessions were made in a wooden cabin to get that authentic and warm sound they were looking for. Both bass and guitar were later recorded in a borrowed studio an hour drive away. It was a fine place, but unfortunately very time consuming, and it was exhausting to get there. Therefore the band moved to the third and last location, in a studio right next to our rehearsal place, where they laid down the vocals and added the finishing touches.

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