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Promo photo for the band Skittish

Songs Played

– Singing the Obits
– Welcome to the Circus
– Through the Woods
– Love Songs and Lullabyes

“In case you didn’t notice. In case you were blind. I’ve been standing here, so handsome, the whole time.”

album cover from the band Skittish
It’s not often that I find artists that raise my eyebrows and make me take notice as soon as I listen. If I were to put out shows featuring every submission provided to Audio Gumshoe, you would have two or three shows a week. But, in my opinion, they would be mundane and often full of content that would make you turn away. I sift through many songs to decide if an artist should be featured. Sometimes I find single nuggets that might make the cut for a pinched track episode, but often I scratch the entire submission because I don’t think one good song is enough to help you become a fan.

Skittish is one of the groups that made me dig through their entire catalog. They offered a few quality songs that gave me enough clues to understand that there was no formula songwriting taking place here. Instead, they offer so many different textures, so many new sounds in each song that each becomes a new experience. Indie-folk isn’t enough to describe their kaleidoscope of tunes on the double album “The Perfect Shade of Green.”

duo image of SkittishThe bio on their site at describes this third album release:

The two sides that make up ‘The Perfect Shade of Green’ play off each other like tennis pros. With themes and references being lobbed back and forth from the rocking first side that sounds like The Pixies if they played in the sixties, to the weirder folky side, which has the feel of the Carpenters scoring a Tim Burton movie.

I first heard their music (though they had already submitted tracks to me) when I was putting together the AMPed New Music Weekly episode that I hosted on February 14. Justin Wayne, of the Justin Wayne Show, had submitted the track “Love Songs and Lullabyes”. I was immediately hooked. The celtic sound grabbed me and I knew I had to learn more about the band. I was searching for their info when I realized that I had a folder sitting on my computer with the four tracks I share in this episode. Unfortunately for the artist I submitted to that show, they bumped him down on the queue for this episode of Audio Gumshoe.

Please listen to this show to hear four great tracks of many from “The Perfect Shade of Green”. If you like the tunes here, find out more at

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