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– Jeez Louise
– Fragile
– Where Are You Now? (sample)
– Dream Believer (sample)
– Blow It Away //

In late 2009, a recording engineer (Sheldon Gomberg) and a friend of his drove by a garage sale, in Tarzana, CA; and noticed a stack of 2 inch tape boxes. After a brief discussion with the homeowner, he found out that the tapes had apparently been left in a closet, under the stairs of her home, and were there when she moved in. She found the tapes when the wood floors of the house were being refinished. She was the fourth owner of the home, which was built (according to her) in 1972. There were 23 boxes of tape; which Sheldon bought for the forty-seven bucks that he had in his wallet, at the time.

Sheldon took the tapes back to his recording studio The Carriage House in Silverlake, and cracked them open. The only information in the boxes were song lists with the name “Sloan Kramer” written by hand, beside each title. A quick count of the titles totaled slightly over one hundred songs!

Sheldon had the tapes baked (to avoid delamination) and digitized, for playback in Pro Tools.

Sheldon Gomberg at the mixing consoleAnd if you want to know more about what happened to these songs — and the entire back story behind Secret Skwirl (and Sheldon Gomberg) you should listen to the podcast. If you just want to read about it — and, of course, pick up a copy of the album for yourself — you should go here. Obviously, you can also click any of the links about Secret Skwirl in the section below.

Though I’m the eternal skeptic about the story behind this music, I dig the tunes. Go get a copy of this album.

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