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Robert Rolfe Feddersen

Got Milk? Robert Rolfe Feddersen does! On his latest record “MILKMAN,” acoustic guitar and great stories abound. Tales of hard labor, strange places, tough times and optimism set the tone for this folk rock original. So pull up a milk crate, pour yourself a glass, and drink it in… the Milkman is here!

I was quite surprised to receive a CD in the mail from Robert Rolfe Feddersen. Not that receiving CDs is such a surprise — it’s just that I’ve not been accepting them from artists in quite awhile. The stacks of inventory for song submissions to the show began to pile up and I decided that it is just as productive and efficient to accept mp3 submissions.

Artwork from Robert Rolfe Feddersen's Milkman CDRegardless, this one showed up and I popped it into the player to see what it was all about. I’ll admit, it may have ended up in the stack for future consideration if not for the artwork on the cover (by Andrew Kerkstra) and for Robert’s decision to use a more ecologically friendly package than the standard jewel case.

Once the tunes started, I found myself listening all the way through the CD. Often, I find myself listening to the first 30 seconds or so of a song before adding a song or artist to the “possible play” sheet. Once I have a list of candidates, I will typically listen to an entire song to decide which makes the show and which gets cut. Some artists have a single song that I find valuable. That is not enough to consider them as a feature artist, so they often never make it to Audio Gumshoe.

Milk bottle image from Robert Rolfe Feddersen's Milkman CDThat I listened to the entire CD without stopping says a lot for the music of Robert Rolfe Feddersen. I found his simple approach to the music, typically acoustic guitar and his voice, with a few harmonies for flavor, to be a very pleasant listen. His story telling makes it all work. He seems like a typical guy, living a typical life, who writes songs about what he knows. That appeals to me. It’s what I do, too.

From his bio:

Robert Rolfe Feddersen is a singer/songwriter from Crown Point, Indiana. Robert has been a contestant on “The Price is Right” (with Bob Barker!), taken the stage with Metallica, recorded with Steve Albini, Johnny K., Joe Baresi, and has written music for more than thirty films, tv shows and video games collectively throughout his career.

In the show I share a little about Crown Point, Indiana. As a born and bred Hoosier, I’m often amused to be able to talk a bit about the state.

Songs Played

– Milkman
– Sucker for a Sad Girl
– Disko
– I’ll Save the World
– Chebanse (as music bed for narration)

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Robert Rolfe Feddersen: Milkman

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