The Non-Domestiks

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When the client doesn’t seem to know what sound they are looking to find, it makes this gumshoe’s work a bit more difficult. I had been asked to locate a band that sounded like “early 70’s ballad pop in the likes of the Carpenters and Elton John, combined with a hint of art and prog rock with classical influences similar to the Moody Blues and Renaissance, then throw in some Lou Reed, Bowie and Rundgren for a little edge.” Yeah, sure.

So, with a little digging I was able to locate a duo in the Philadelphia area called The Non-Domestiks. Apparently, these two women don’t spend much time in the home or in the office. They are busy playing multiple instruments and recording tracks for their albums. Both Rosalba Gallo and Katrina Wylie have the ability to play keyboard, guitar and bass. It seems that Rosalba focuses on playing lead guitar, as well as bass and drums. Her musical partner, Katrina, plays keys and woodwinds, not limited to saxophone, clarinet and bassoon.

They’ve recently released an album called September Monday. In my research, I discovered that they named it this way after reading a news article about the frequency of suicides on Mondays in the month of September. Youch. I’d be cautious about the lyrics in these tracks, just to be safe.

I have to admit, I dig the sound these two are dishing out. Be sure to talk about them on your social media profiles, such as Twitter and Facebook. It will raise their egos and also let them know that you’ve been to the office to dig through my files. You never know what you’ll find in that heap o’ manila folders on my desk.

Songs Played

– Is There No One
– How Does It Feel
– If I Had a Wish

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