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I’ve been likened to Dallas Green, John Martin, Nick Drake and Elvis Costello, but I like to think that I’ve developed my own distinctive sound.

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Tann is reaching toward a goal. You can help. I’ve decided to keep my comments to a minimum on this post (please listen to the audio). Instead, I’ve let Nick do the talking as seen at his own site:

In 2009 myself and Matt Stevens came up with the idea of me recording an album funded by fans and supporters. To give it a bit of an edge I decided that I wanted to record it live (hence keeping down costs) AND to produce a vinyl copy hence The Vinyl Project was born.

In March 2011 I went into Livingston Studios and recorded eight live tracks in-front of a specially invited audience.

I am still collecting the money still need to produce the final shiny black disc version but now have something real I can give when people contribute to The Vinyl Project.

Immediately you will get a finished mixed and master cd copy. This has been lovingly mixed and master by the might Kevin Feavey. This I will post to any address on the planet. I have already posted copies to America, Iceland and even Kent!

In time, when I’ve edited it, you will also get a short film shot on the day of recording by Matt Stevens. This will include material not on the cd or the finished vinyl.

You will get your name on the credits of the finished vinyl plus a small picture of you if you wish.

I still need quite a few more donations to make this happen so I really need your help.

To pre-order/contribute to the Vinyl project simply click the links below.

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