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Miami Valley Musicast with Hungry Lucy (17.5 MB) 25:34 minutes

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Show Notes
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00:50 Song: “In the Circle” by Hungry Lucy [PMN]

04:50 Rich found them at the Podsafe Music Network

05:29 Hungry Lucy doesn’t like to categorize themselves…

06:28 Interview: Christa Belle and War-N Harrison from the “Introducing Hungry Lucy” vidcast

07:37 Song: “Shine (F9 Remix)” from the CD “To Kill a King”

12:31 Promo: Music News Podcast from Dave Jackson

14:00 Dave Jackson also does Musicians Cooler Podcast and the School of Podcasting

14:30 Interview: War-N talks about his thoughts on promotion

16:05 Hungry Lucy is on more than 15 compilation discs and a DVD

16:50 They have three CDs: Apparitions, Glo, and To Kill a King. Buy all three at their site for $30

16:55 Announcement: Enter the Sfarzo String Giveaway

17:34 Rich wants show feedback. Call toll-free 888-223-5108, email mvmusicast at gmail dot com or leave comments at the show site.

19:23 Interview: War-N and Christa talk about the making of the “Grave” music video

20:27 Song: “Grave”

Links Mentioned:
Hungry Lucy
Podsafe Music Network
Sfarzo Guitar String Contest
Tea with Hungry Lucy podcast
Hungry Lucy’s “To Kill a King” at iTunes
Hungry Lucy at CDBaby.com
Hungry Lucy at Isotank.com

25:32 You mean that’s all there is?

Special thanks to Bob Taylor and Drew Hardwal for their voice talents on the Miami Valley Musicast. Please visit their sites for your voiceover needs.
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