We’re going to check out some musical real estate during this episode. This includes a band with global origins that moved to New York City, some Aussies who take up space in Melbourne, a project from Spain, and finally rounding our way to the feature artist in Oklahoma City.

Songs and Artists Played

image of commuters album art
Before I Was Born – The Commuters [BandcampSpotifyiTunes] [YouTubeFacebookInstagramTwitter]

image of Kites album art
Peyote – Kinematic [iTunesSpotifyJamendoSoundcloud] [FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagramYouTube]

image of album art from dofhei project
Kind of Light – Dofhei Project [Bandcamp – iTunes – JamendoSpotify] [YouTube DemoFacebook]

Featured Artist


Songs Played

  • Must Be Something
  • Drifting
  • If It’s True

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