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Matt Stevens

Songs Played

– 8.19
– Into the Sea
– Lake Man
– Ghost

“A solo album that I can only describe as magnificent. So inspired, anything thus guy touches is genius, from guitar to bass to… mellotron? Oh yes, you know you want this.” Veins Dried Out

“A seriously amazing album, this will f**king move you, seriously SERIOUSLY brilliant! Go and listen to it, I WILL be checking!” Nick Tann Is This Thing On Podcast

“Ghost is a far more mature, multi-faceted release, which sees him finding his true artistic and creative voice, integrating influences more fluidly and satisfactorily and if he maintains this creative purple patch, provides a platform for even greater achievements to come.” Stumpy Bunker

promo photo of Matt StevensEvery now and then an artist does things that I’ve thought, “I should’ve been able to do that!” But… I never did. Matt Stevens has taken the tools available to most guitarists and learned how to make them do what he wants them to do: help make great music. His technique for looping — or live multi-layered performance — has enabled him to provide music for audiences beyond the typical solo acoustic guitar performance.

According to Matt’s web site:

He has composed for short films (including the award winning Daddys Little Helper) and his live work is often compared to watching a one man guitar orchestra or wall of sound.

He has just released his second album Ghost. His well received first album Echo is also available. [links to both are below]

I’ve been a fan of Matt Stevens since I heard tracks from his album Echo. I’m also very impressed with his ability to create a buzz through online opportunities such as Twitter, Facebook and UStream. He performs live on frequently. This has helped him build fans and audiences across the globe.

Stumpy Bunker recently said:

“By using Twitter and Facebook, he has created a buzz about his music both solo and with the amazing ‘Fierce and the Dead’ combo (look out for the astonishing ‘Part 1’ release – , collaborative efforts such as the innovative Cafenoodle, and by clever use of online gigs and public rehearsals via Ustream. Well known for his use of live and recorded looping techniques, Stevens is beginning to widen and improve his creative vision exponentially.”

Pick up a copy of Matt Stevens’ album, “Ghost”, to get a fully explore his talents. Be sure to visit the links below to learn more about him and to purchase his music.

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<a href="">Burning Bandstands by Matt Stevens</a>

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