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Lives of the Monster Dogs

The Lives of the Monster Dogs

Songs Played

– Cassandra
– Cottonmouth
– Full Moon
– Echo

“The Lives of the Monster Dogs is a rock band with a southern drawl. The Monster Dogs took their name from a modern day “Frankenstein” story (but with dogs) by Kirsten Bakis…”

All I can really say about The Lives of the Monster Dogs is, “Wow, this is some great music!” Okay, I can certainly say more, but this is what I thought when I first visited the band’s ReverbNation profile and listened to their tunes. Each tune I heard captured me fully. I often scan through the first few seconds of a band that I’m exploring before moving to the next track. I can guarantee that I listened straight through every song on this group’s profile.

Regarding the reference to Frankenstein above, the band is:

…much like the stitching together of many different parts to make “the monster”, this band’s creation is rock music interwoven with blues, country, and pop. With the “salt of the earth” appeal of Bruce Springsteen and CCR, along with the post “80’s”, introspective and sometimes moody song writing of bands like Radiohead, the Monster Dogs bring to life their own brand of music.

The Lives of the Monster Dogs image “The Lives of the Monster Dogs” is vocalist/guitarist Melinda Kingsley; Grace Buford on keyboard, guitar and backing vocals; drummer and percussionist Becky Dalke; and KT Bitner on bass.

They are in the studio at the time of this writing finishing the final tracks for theirnew self-titled CD. I can promise you, dear readers and listeners, that I will be moving to purchase this one as soon as it is available. I have long been a fan of one member of the band, Grace Buford. She has put her solo projects aside to concentrate on her involvement with The Lives of the Monster Dogs. I can surely understand why she would want to do so. The combination of talent in the band works. It works well.

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