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Songs Played

– Time Will Heal
– Blood Eyes Sunrise
– U Without Me
– Set You Free
– More Than This

“I really enjoyed your music. You have a great voice and the chord structure of the chorus (Run Away) is very unique… Thank you for letting me listen.” – Jack Douglas – Producer (John Lennon, Aerosmith, New York Dolls, Miles Davis)

Kristian Jackson submitted his music to me after reaching out to Erk at ErkFM and Insomnia Radio: Australia. I couldn’t have been happier. Jackson’s album “Blood Eyes Sunrise” is one of the finest independent productions I’ve heard this year. As a multi-instrumentalist, he brings a wealth of talent to the album, not only as the singer-songwriter, but as a performing artist. Production by Sean Carey (Thirsty Merc) is top notch.

Kristian talks about his music on his site bio:

“There’s no reason why popular music can’t be both interesting and accessible. I’m trying to make music with enough depth to sustain the interest of the most discerning listener while simultaneously capturing the heart of a mass audience.”

If you live in Sydney, Australia, you’ve like already heard him perform. If not, you must find out when he will be on stage. He’s a regular participant on the local music scene; you can find his show schedule at his ReverbNation profile. Be sure to also follow him at all the regular social haunts. The links are included in this post. You can also follow his latest news on his blog.

This would typically be the point where I would wax on about the performer’s skills, their style, or my thoughts on the music. I can’t really do much more than to recommend that you listen to this show — and purchase Kristian Jackson’s album “Blood Eyes Sunrise” using one of the links below. If you enjoy it as much as I, you’ll be glad that you did.

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Kristian Jackson
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