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Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards album art for Wanderlust

Songs Played

– Wanderlust
– The Show
– It Was Me
– Oceans
– No Other (Acoustic Version)

About the Show

Each of the songs I’ve written for Wanderlust has been a reflection of a different place of travel—the album is a collection of songs from my journeys.

Kim Edwards is one of the artists that I featured on my recent “The File Box – Part 2” episode of Audio Gumshoe. Her songs are smooth, soulful pictures of her experiences. She shares talent that comes from a lifetime of deep musical exploration. She explains:

As a kid I studied Alan Menken’s Disney Scores for The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. I remember being 14 and doing some online research and I found the company in charge of the scores and I wrote them said ‘I’m a student of orchestration, could you send me some scores?’ and they did!

The music on this episode of Audio Gumshoe is from the album “Wanderlust.” The songs are described as “chamber pop.” Kim’s early study of classical piano has obviously contributed to the lush arrangements and appreciation for the classical styles. She starting training at age four and was a piano performance major in college for a short while. It is obvious that she has a firm grasp of music theory, orchestration, and arrangement, all of which can be heard on Wanderlust.

From her press package:

Kim’s uniquely playful musicality has garnered favorable comparisons to Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson. Wanderlust debuted at #25 in the iTunes Top 200 Singer-Songwriter charts, an impressive feat for a totally D.I.Y. artist who used standard networking platforms like Kickstarter and Facebook for exposure.

Photo of Kim Edwards smilingShe explains that she simply put out a Facebook message asking friends and fans to support her digital release. On the day of her Facebook message she noted that she had been scanning the bottom of the Top 200 Singer-Songwriter list on iTunes. It wasn’t until she moved up to #92 that she realized that Wanderlust had debuted that well. By day’s end the album had reached #25. She said, “[it] was remarkable considering there wasn’t any marketing or publicity.”

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