Just a Bit Negative

Negative image in foreground with positive images in the background

Why the title? There are titles, themes and lyrics in many of the songs on this episode that tell us the songwriter was inspired by a significant event or their dislike of a situation. But, these are some great songs, that I hope you enjoy. If you like what you hear — or perhaps don’t — please leave me your thoughts/feedback by clicking the “Send Voicemail” tab on the right hand side of the page — or by visiting the voicemail page. You can also submit your comments using the form on the contact page.

Artists and Songs Played

Artist: Como Brothers Band
Song: I Don’t Like You

Artist: Skittish
Song: Built to Break (Anger)

Artist: 21 Against
Song: Say What You Need

Artist: Sam Page
Song: Tumbleweed in the Grand Scheme

Artist: Matthew Ebel
Song: The Last Pirate

Artist: Phil Common
Song: Falling Out of Love Again

Artist: Kylie Campion
Song: Pocketbook

Artist: A New Way to Live Forever (ANWTLF)
Song: ‘Til My Heart Stops Beating

Artist: Nine Times Blue
Song: Falling Slowly

Thanks to ImageMD for the use of the image “Basel Negative” from Flickr. It is used by permission under a Creative Commons license. The original artwork is “Positive reflections on a negative image” by Kelly Nipper (1971- ), Art Basel 2009, Miami Beach, Florida.


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