He’s Giving This Stuff Away!

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Miami Valley Musicast with Josh Woodward (18.1 MB) 26:23 minutes

Josh Woodward

Show Notes
Detailed show notes can now be found at Shownotes.info under their “wiki” section for Miami Valley Musicast. You can contribute time codes and notes about the show.

Song: “Incoherent” by Josh Woodward [Podsafe Music Network Link]

Song: “Cherry” [PSMN]

Announcement: Enter the Sfarzo String Giveaway

Promo: Bitjobs for the Masses

Promo: Cubicle Escape Podcast

Song: “Troublemaker” [PSMN]

Song: “Postcard from Hell” [PSMN]

Links Mentioned:
Podsafe Music Network
Josh Woodward on MySpace

You mean that’s all there is?

Special thanks to Bob Taylor and Drew Hardwal for their voice talents on the Miami Valley Musicast. Please visit their sites for your voiceover needs.
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