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– I Still Would Have Fallen
– Nobody Like Me
– Corona Cay
– The Grail
– Scully Said

“Jesta isn’t too concerned with getting too deep and meaningful – who has time for all that anyway? Let’s party!”

Jesta Album Art
I feel a bit ashamed that I’ve not yet shared the music of Jesta with Audio Gumshoe listeners. It’s not as though he just started creating this stuff. And, some of the tunes on his album, Previously…, have been heard on other podcasts long before I put them on mine. It’s truly shameful. Really.

I don’t say this lightly: This is one of my favorite albums. I’ve been listening to this time and again lately. Sure, sure, I’ve said that I have new favorites before. But tell me where else you can find an album with such diversity, such strong, tight hooks, such refined production? Okay, yes there are others. But this one… this is my favorite. I mean it this time. 🙂

Jesta is, in my mind, a musical chameleon. The music on this album change colors as dynamically as a chamelon changes colors. The tones, the styles, the genre — he includes everything from pop to hip-hop, funk to soul, rock to metal. It’s all here. You like variety? Get this album (he needs to eat).

The concept of Jesta began as a name for Bryan’s personal music projects at around the same time as he began work in a recording studio, shortly before leaving school. Honing his production and vocal skills over the years, it is now time for Jesta to conquer the world or at least earn enough money to buy a couple of sandwiches!

So, take it upon yourself to give this show a listen. If you like the tunes represented here, go find out more at Tell him Rich Desoto sent you.

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