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In this file you will find information about a man that has been difficult to track. He has come out from a difficult situation, however, and has begun to tell his story in his songs. James Tristan Redding was known to be a member of the genre-bending band Union Pulse in Wisconsin.

After a period of time to drag himself out of the bottle while writing songs in Mexico, he has moved himself to New York City. There he has recorded a solo album of material called Walking Into Brooklyn, which he released on 12 November 2013. He recorded this collection from his small seven foot by nine foot apartment.

You’ll want to look for Redding outside of his apartment, though. He can often be found performing his material throughout eastern U.S., including parts of Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and beyond. Be sure to look for his schedule at his ReverbNation or Facebook profiles.

I should also mention that he shows a philanthropic side. He’s donating 1/2 of his music sales at ReverbNation to Love, Hope, Strength.

Songs Played

– A Girl Named Elizabeth
– 3000 Miles
– A Bird Can Only Sing

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