It’s the obligatory holiday episode, courtesy of Audio Gumshoe!

Jimmie Bratcher
Jimmie Bratcher image
Song: Man, It’s Christmas
Website [PMN Link]

The Alice Project
The Alice Project image
Song: Re-gifting for the Holidays
Website [PMN Link]

Old Man Nelson and the Old 27
Old Man Nelson and the Old 27 image
Song: Dreidel Bells
Website [PMN Link]

adrienne pierce
adrienne pierce image
Song: Joy is Within Reach
Website [PMN Link]

Craig Cardiff
Craig Cardiff image
Song: County Road Christmas Time
Website [PMN Link]

The Rad Dudes
The Rad Dudes image
Song: Christmas in Malibu
Website [PMN Link]

Karmyn Tyler
Karmyn Tyler image
Song: The First Christmas
Website [PMN Link]

Geoff Smith
Geoff Smith image
Song: Some Christmas Huggin’
Audio: Christmas Greeting from Geoff Smith
Song: My Own Merry Christmas
Website [PMN Link]

Peeper Radio Theatre
Peeper Radio Theatre image
Song: Peeper Brand Robo-Santas
Website [PMN Link]

Lord Weatherby
Lord Weatherby image
Song: Santa Claus is Freaking Me Out
Website [PMN Link]

Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor image
Song: Midnight’s Almost Here
Website [PMN Link]

gidgets ga ga
gidgets ga ga image
Song: Christmas Wish
Website [PMN Link]

Ray Greene featuring Dow Brain
Ray Greene image
Song: Tell Me the Story of Christmas
Website [PMN Link]

Charlie Crowe
Charlie Crowe image
Song: Little Drum Machine Boy
Website [PMN Link]

The Fabrications
The Fabrications image
Song: Merry Christmas
Website [PMN Link]

Podsafe for Peace
Podsafe for Peace image
Song: If Every Day Were Christmas
Website [PMN Link]

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