Four Years of Audio Gumshoe

AG Four Year Anniversary
September 26, 2009 marks the four year anniversary of this show (formerly Miami Valley Musicast). Rich shares music from a variety of artists that have submitted songs over the past few months. These are musicians that don’t provide enough for a full artist feature, but have music that Rich thinks you might like to hear.

Songs Played

– Waiting Still by Relief [site] [MySpace]
– Purpose Was Again by The Bloodsugars [MySpace]
– Fatal Flaw Attractions by The A-B Theory [MySpace] [Pure Volume]
– Escape by KevNight [MySpace]
– Wallflowers by Paulina Logan [site] [MySpace]
– Traffic Jam by Acidic Loop (Ray Confer) [site] [Reverb Nation]
– Lights Out by Dave Stanley Band [MySpace] []
– Lights Out by The Rising Sound [MySpace]
– Break Me to Pieces by Renegade Ride [MySpace] [Artist Direct]
– The Ballad of Fletcher Reede by The Smyrk [MySpace] [Platform One]
– Subway Man by Jesse Alejandro and the Big Fatt [site] [MySpace]
– Footsteps by Will Mendenhall [site]

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Special thanks to Bob Taylor and Drew Hardwal for their voice talents on Audio Gumshoe. Please visit their sites, as well as Rich’s voiceover site, for your voiceover needs.
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