Thanks to Marcus Couch and the whole crew at Podshow. An excerpt from Episode 29 was recently featured on Podshow Music Rewind #23. The show is to be aired on Sirius Stars Channel 103 at 7 p.m. EST March 7, as well.

Here’s the lineup for the show:

Podshow Music Rewind #23

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Podshow Music Rewind, featuring music from the Podsafe Music Network. Hosted by Marcus Couch.

The Scene Zine, hosted by Marcus Couch.
• MUSIC: Victory Season – “Pills”

The Rock and Roll Geek Indie Cast, hosted by Michael Butler.
• MUSIC: American Heartbreak – “Drinks” (Buy Now at PMN)

Reaching For Lucidity, hosted by Eban Crawford.
• MUSIC: Waiting for Decay – “Last Call”

MadPod, hosted by J.A. Donnelly.
• MUSIC: Straightfork – “Back in Texas”

What’s Happening in Tokyo, hosted by Tokyo Dan.
• MUSIC: Plastic Soul Band – “Leaving for Good”
• MUSIC: Plastic Soul Band – “Lonesome Hearted Woman Blues”

• BONUS MUSIC: Rachel Kann – “I Know This”

• LINK: Rachel Kann Poetry Blog
• LINK: Yeast Radio, hosted by Madge Weinstein.

Accident Hash, hosted by C.C. Chapman.
• MUSIC: The Fiasco – “Long Night”

Miami Valley Musicast, hosted by Rich Palmer.
• MUSIC: 100 Year Picnic – “Mary Faye Tucker”

Get Jacked, hosted by Jack Elias.
• MUSIC: Jessy Moss – “Look Jess”

• BONUS MUSIC: Them Terribles – “Medicate Me”
(A self-dedication for Marcus, since he recorded this episode with Bronchitis and a nasty head cold! Special thanks to one special listener for suggesting a proper remedy to get the pipes primed for the podcast!)

Most of the music found in this episode was furnished by the Podsafe Music Network.