Get Funky with 88 Keys, Bass and Drums!

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Show Notes

Show Intro
– New phone number for voice mail comments and feedback: 888-223-5108 or 206-984-BAND (2263)

Music from TriFectaFunk
03:00 Song: Walking Backwards
– Violent Femmes vs. Ben Folds Five in a bloody fist fight

08:08 Interview:TriFectaFunk
– Tristen Eckerson – keys; Ben Cochran – bass; Elliot Koop – percussion (not present for interview); Jon Bachmeyer – manager
– Jazz origins; hard to be a jazz band: too many standards to learn
– Diverse influences led to current sound
– Challenges with three piece: fill the empty spaces
– TriFectaFunk played Emergenza
– Jon says they’re easy to book; the music speaks for itself

17:20 Song: Pain and a Dream

24:29 Promo: GlitchCast
– Rich mentions that submitting your band to Podsafe Music Network is a really good idea. Period.
– Please visit the site and fill in the Listener Survey
– Don’t forget to vote for your favorite episode

26:12 Interview: continues with TriFectaFunk
– They have been nominated in the funk/R&B category with Cincinnati Entertainment Awards
– They’d like to get another pro recording done
– “Smoke Eyes” was recorded live at a radio station; they didn’t have a DJ, so they had to do their own show!
– Ben said he records the shows, but they don’t know how many live tracks will be on the site.
– No CD currently; they’re working toward that! They distribute the live tracks when marketing and promoting.
– Some gear talk for the gear-heads.
– “TriFectaFunk is working hard to be the only band you’ll ever need.”

35:00 Song: Smoke Eyes

Closing Notes
– Call the show at 888-223-5108 or 206-984–BAND (2263)
– Contact email: mvmusicast [at] gmail [dot] com
– Bands on show: request at mvmtalent [at] gmail [dot] com
Skype contact: safesongs

Music used during the ending show credits and information: “Stop Yield Go Merge” by Derek K. Miller as found on the Podsafe Music Network

Links mentioned in Episode 9:
TriFectaFunk on Myspace
TriFectaFunk press kit
Podsafe Music Network

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