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Show Notes

Show Intro
– New web address:
– New phone number for voice mail comments and feedback: 888-223-5108 or 206-984-BAND (2263) Please note that this is different than what is mentioned in the show.

Music from Set to Numb
01:15 Song: Bigot

05:15 Interview:Set to Numb
– Matt [guitar], Jay [drums], Nick [bass], Tony [vocals]
– EP produced by Ron Pease at Aztek Studios
– Discussion on various tuning styles
– Keeping a band together; writing better songs
– Drummers are musicians, too!

14:59 Song: DTs

Promo: Musicians Cooler Podcast

19:07 Interview: continues with Set to Numb
– Tony talks about previous projects and how it evolved to Set to Numb
– Don’t burn your bridges; you might be in a band with them later
– Nick is in it for the women [gals, he is single, owns a home, has a good job, etc.] 🙂
– Talk about the name Set to Numb
– Band gives copy of EP when you come to a show
– KFROS explained [aliens, monsters, "jaws-esque", Godzilla, cartoons]
– Take care of your voice, it’s an instrument, and a muscle
– The band helps Rich segue to a shameless plug of Entertainer’s Secret while talking about Tony’s vocal style

Ad: Entertainer’s Secret Throat Relief Spray

27:09 Song: Kung Fu Robots From Outer Space

30:37 Interview: continues
– Possible gig with other Aztek recording artists

Promo: Journey Inside My Mind
featuring Dayton area band "Murmur" Find them on the Podsafe Music Network

Closing Notes
-New web address
– Contact email: mvmusicast [at] gmail [dot] com
– Bands on show: request at mvmtalent [at] gmail [dot] com
Skype contact: safesongs
– Call the show at 888-223-5108 or 206-202-BAND (2636)

Music used during the ending show credits and information: “Our Last Trip” by Murmur as found on the Podsafe Music Network

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