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Show Notes
Burning Sensations Intro

Show intro and welcome
– Music from The Burning Sensations

Song: Left Behind
Podsafe Music Song Link

Interview:The Burning Sensations
-Talk about Podsafe Music Network
-Talk about Adam Curry’s vision for an “Unlabel”
-Excerpts from shows 258 and 266 of “The Daily Source Code

Song: Let It Go
Podsafe Music Song Link

Promo: The Podcast Pickle

Interview: continues with The Burning Sensations
-Discussion with the members about their role
– Chris builds his own guitars: Voodoo Guitar Works

Song: Around
Podsafe Music Song Link

Interview: continues with The Burning Sensations
-Discussion continues with Mike
-Talk about upcoming gigs
-Talk about websites featuring The Burning Sensations

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Music used during the ending show credits and information:
peace, war and happiness” by Rory as found on the Podsafe Music Network

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Podsafe Music Network
Sudsy Malones
Sonic Bids: The Burning Sensations Press Kit
Daily Source Code with Adam Curry

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