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Episode 5 Featuring Dress Code

Derek Holley intro

Show intro and welcome
– Music from Dress Code

Song: Sonic Boom
From the EP “Sonic Boom”

Interview: Derek Holley
-Technology helps!
-Derek started playing drums very young
-Learned music in school, but wanted more
-Kids can sample the lines instead of learning real instruments
-Everybody wanted to be Bootsy!
-Some mashup talk
-Derek played Midpoint Festival in Cincinnati: how he plays live shows

Song: Control

Accident Hash Promo

Interview: continues with Derek Holley
-Sonic Boom mastered in New Hampshire
-Derek talks about level limits needed when mastering this project
-Talk about how songs are built
-Girl singer isn’t real!

Song: Just a Party

Interview: continues with Derek Holley

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Song: Let It Go

You mean that’s all there is?

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