Progressive Rock with Greg Jones

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Episode 4 Featuring Greg Jones

Show intro and welcome
– Sunday, October 9 is first day of fire prevention week. Be safe!
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– Apologies to The Burning Sensations
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– Music from Greg Jones

Song: Terminal Velocity
From the CD “String Theory”
Interview: Greg talks about the song “Terminal Velocity”
Greg compared to John Petrucci
Interview continues with Greg’s influences, etc.

Song: Conviction

Musicians Cooler Podcast Promo

Interview: Greg talks about his new project, “Meaning”
Greg is holding a guitar clinic at the Gathering Grounds
Talk about Greg’s web site
Talk about Greg’s “G-Men” project (Rich has played in this)

Song: Tear the Veil

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Music bed for show end is “Hotcake Syrup” provided by Derek K. Miller.
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