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Miami Valley Musicast Rewind 2005

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Show Notes

Show Intro

Song: Devil & a Southern Belle by Guardrail Angel (PMN)

Song: Evolutionary Regression Due to High Tension Wires by Forty Four

Song: Terminal Velocity by Greg Jones (PMN)

Song: Control by Dress Code

Promo: Indie 911 Podcast

Song: Vine Street by Earth Blue

Song: Let It Go by The Burning Sensations (PMN)

Song: DTs by Set to Numb

Song: Smoke Eyes by TrifectaFunk

Promo: The Podcast Pickle

Song: Drugstore Evangelist by Moonlight Graham

Song: Instead of Goodbye by Murmur (PMN)

Song: Perform by Cats Walking Backwards (PMN) [This song is not listed at PMN, but played by permission.]

Song: Orange at Night by Upstate
Part of the Friendly Psychics Music collective. ©2005 Friendly Psychics Music
Used by permission.

Closing Music: Up and Go by Rory as found on the Podsafe Music Network

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