These guys are Grammy “ballo-nated”!

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– My brother couldn’t figure out how to find the site. It’s “musicast,” not “music cast.” I can understand the confusion. Hope this helps!
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– Moonlight Graham has been nominated for two Grammy categories, including:
Category 16: Best Rock Performance by a Duo/Group with Vocals for the song “She Makes the Time (Roll On By)”
Category 20: Best Rock Song for the song: “Camera Shy”

04:37 Song: She Makes the Time (Roll on By)

09:03 Interview with Chris Bailey and Bill Littleford of Moonlight Graham

17:44 Rich comments that this album is very well done and everybody needs to buy it.
Go to (you get the disc with artwork for $12.00) or (where you can download for $8.88 or .88 a song)
Moonlight Graham

19:24 Tartan Podcast Promo

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21:46 Song: Drugstore Evangelist

25:08 Interview: continues with Moonlight Graham
– They talk about being “ballo-nated” alongside Foo Fighters, Green Day, Beyonce, etc.
– The discuss what it means to be an independent musician playing music. For life, not necessarily for livelihood. Rich misquotes Harry Chapin.

– The big labels could be calling while they were being interviewed. Guess it’s gone now.

31:29 Song: Horatio Algier

35:15 Ad: Entertainer’s Secret Throat Relief Spray

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