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Coyote Kolb

Songs Played

– Heartland
– Lemonade
– Far and Wide
– Word to the Wise
– Pistol Slapper Blues

Outlaw Country Dirty Blues Rock N Roll Band

Coyote Kolb band photo - on rooftopI don’t often get submissions from bands that have little to say about themselves on their web sites. Coyote Kolb, however, has left much of the explanation to the music itself. Their dedication to the craft is well realized in the songs from ‘Massachusett’ — the debut album by the band.

I did learn that the group is from Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. They recorded and produced the entire album in a house in Jamaica Plain. The album was engineered by Will Benoit, with assistance by Rob Motes. Chadley Kolb, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, wrote, mixed and produced the entire album. It was mastered in February 2010 at New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA.

Much of what can be said about the band is described in their documentary video, which I have included right here [Note: explicit language]:

Pick up a copy of Coyote Kolb’s album, “Massachusett”, to get a full realization of their talents. Be sure to visit the links to their music below.

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