The Shingle is Down; The Doors are Now Closed

CLOSED As much as it pains me to announce, Audio Gumshoe is now in permanent hiatus. I absolutely enjoyed the many years of production and the opportunity to share music from so many talented musicians.

Unfortunately, the times have changed and priorities have shifted. Perhaps, one day, I’ll be able to pick up the glass to again scour through the many great files that contain independent music releases. Until that time comes, PLEASE visit the Association of Music Podcasting to find many other great independent music podcasts. I’ve been a proud member of this organization for so many years. I highly recommend that you explore the shows found there.

When possible I am working to add all shows played since 2005 to my account at You can search for Audio Gumshoe or Miami Valley Musicast to find many of them now. This has been a great journey.

Keep the music playing. I wish you all the best.


We’re coming back!

paper work piles

It took a little bit longer than expected, but Audio Gumshoe is returning soon with a brand new lineup of music to share.

There was a pile of dust on the desk and a great number of envelopes shoved through the AG office mail slot. We’re sifting through it all and putting the files together.

The format will differ slightly from what you have heard in the past. Each episode will feature three songs with link information to help you find the artist. It will be your assignment to track them down if you like what you hear. There are a great number of files piling up, so expect to hear a lot of music very soon!

Audio Archives Returning

I’m pleased to say that some audio files are once again available at the site. All shows in the archive from episode 1 to 20 have already been available. Newest shows are now being added in reverse order from 167 down.

If you aren’t able to listen/download, please check back from time to time. I’m adding them as often as possible!

Archived Episodes Coming Soon

Many of the recent episodes of Audio Gumshoe have not been available for download. When I took a break, I put the hosting service on hold. Unfortunately, they cycled the previous episodes into a closed archive which made them unavailable for streaming or downloading.

Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be adding these shows to When these are posted, they will slowly start becoming available again in the feed and for streaming here at Audio

You will find that many of the original Miami Valley Musicast shows (the early version of this offering) are already available. Go way back to episodes 1-30 to hear more!

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