Almost One Year!

This show is celebrating a one-year anniversary on 26 September 2006! If you would like to send any congratulatory words or audio for inclusion in the next episode, please do it now!

Podcasters, feel free to send your produced audio to podcast [at] audiogumshoe [dot]com. Anyone can send in audio comments — call 888-222-5108 toll free in the U.S. or use the Odeo link to record if you have a mic on your computer. You can also send any produced mp3 audio if you would like to the address above.

Odeo Link - Send Us Audio!

Thanks everybody! Audio Gumshoe is glad to still be a part of your listening pleasure.

Stand By

Due to the recent changes to the show name, Rich has also had to change his user name at Liberated Syndication. Please be patient if the streaming audio or mp3 download is not available. The name is in transition. Some files may be available tonight, while others may not.

Many thanks to Liberated Syndication for their help during the transition. Audio Gumshoe media and bandwidth is delivered to you through Liberated Syndication.