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– Tall Cactus
– Cell Phone
– Oh Mother
– Whiskey Before Breakfast
– Hamlet Chicken Plant Disaster //

Equally at home at a beer joint or concert hall, the Bandits meld old-time, bluegrass, western swing and country with the sounds of string band instruments to create the “North Texas Skunkgrass” sound.

It seemed time to offer something out-of-the-ordinary on Audio Gumshoe. Though this statement itself may a bit ironic. There’s not a typical — or usual — sound for this show. I’ve offered big rock, pop, Americana, trance, metal, blues, outlaw country, rockabilly, latin, world-music, looped acoustic, and even “industrial-tinged alternative folk“. So, why not a bit of “skunkgrass?”

Boxcar Bandits on StageSo, I get a submission from Brooks Kendall, Jr. of Flight Music Group telling me about this band out of Denton, Texas called Boxcar Bandits. I don’t listen to bluegrass music, typically, but as soon as I previewed these tracks I was hooked. This is just feel-good music. The fact that these are live tracks gives these selections even more vitality. The ambience of the club, the audience, and the stage conversation lends a feeling of “being there” that makes this a great listen.

Boxcar Bandits - stage imageEach of the songs on this episode is from the new album “Live from Dan’s Silverleaf” released in November by Boxcar Bandits. When you listen to the full album, you’ll hear the crowd enjoying the music, you’ll hear the band talking to each other, you’ll hear warts-and-all. And that’s what makes this a fun collection. Get a copy. If you’re in the Denton, Texas area — or near any of the venues listed on their show calendar — go hear them live. They play at Dan’s Silverleaf almost every Monday.

Here’s what Pegasus News recently had to say about the band:

…Denton band Boxcar Bandits played their own brand of music they like to call “skungrass.” The band is a revolving door of Denton musicians – including Paul Slavens – and the current lineup is guaranteed to get your boots stomping and your hands clapping. The band features a single snare drum and washboard played by RTB2’s Grady Don Sandlin, plus an upright bass, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, guitar, and some of the best vocal harmonies this side of the Red River.

Boxcar Bandits would be comfortable playing on a stage, a street corner, or a front porch. Their mixture of gospel, country, and bluegrass – or “fastgrass” as they call it – is exactly what was needed to get fans to the dance floor at the Boiler Room.

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