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Songs Played

– This Is It
– Topsy Turvy
– In a Coffee Shop, When
– Talk About the Love
– Welcome to Your Love

Imagine a dinner party hosted by the Beatles, with a guest list that includes XTC, Squeeze, the Zombies and Kinks, Aimee Mann and Elvis Costello. Melodic, hook-driven songs with narrative lyrics. Retro and fresh. Drenched in harmony.

I first played Andy Stone’s music on Audio Gumshoe way back in March 2007. I had found a number of musicians that sounded to me to be “Beatle-esque.” The song “In a Coffee Shop, When” stuck in my head; I found myself humming and repeating the hooks and catchy melody time and again.

Fast-forward to Spring 2011. Andy contacted me to let me know of his new EP “This is It”. I listened to the tracks he submitted to the show and again found myself humming and singing the songs. His tunes are catchy. They nod toward a retro-pop sound, yet sound fresh and new. The production is solid and the lyrics will stick in your head better than most new releases today.

Andy Stone playing guitar in the studioAndy has employed some solid vocalists for his projects. “In a Coffee Shop, When” exhibited the talents of Epic recording artist Danny Malone. I felt, at the time, that there was a true George Harrison quality to his delivery on the EP. Some people might remember Malone from his days as vocalist for Diving for Pearls — or for his work with Elliot Easton (from the Cars).

On the 2010 full-length album “You Don’t See Many of These Nowadays” Stone brought in the talents of some of Chicago’s finest vocalists: Phil Angotti, Mike Przygoda, and Tom Godsman, lead singer/songwriter for the Bethesda, MD based group Accidental Charm. I played the song “Talk About the Love” from this album.

“We don’t have the Beatles, but we have Andy Stone.”
-Adam Curry, host of The Daily Source Code, original MTV VJ

You’ll hear all three of the songs from Andy’s latest EP “This is It” on the show. Be sure to pick up a copy of the EP — and his other releases. You’ll find all of the links below.

I should mention, also, that Andy Stone is an author. He has two books to his credit. You can find information about both at his book page at AndyStoneOnline.

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