It is a brand new day!

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Audio Gumshoe 38 (27.47 MB) 30:00 minutes

Songs On This Episode:
From a Funeral to a Wedding – The Panic Attacks [PMN]
Brand New Start – The Get Outs (Avebury Records) [PMN]
Brand New Fiasco – Kingfinger [PMN]
Brand New – The Collectors [PMN]
Brand New Day – Just Plain Darin [PMN]
Brand New Day – Monkeyshine [PMN]

Promos Played
Great American Music Hour
We Can and We Must Live
Both of the above are members of the Association of Music Podcasting
Constant Columbus

Additional Links Mentioned:
Podsafe Music Network
Association of Music Podcasting
AMPed New Music Weekly

Special thanks to Bob Taylor and Drew Hardwal for their voice talents on Audio Gumshoe. Please visit their sites, as well as Rich’s voiceover site) for your voiceover needs.

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