Sam Mellon and the Skylarks
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– The Bombs All Fall Around Me
– Elevator on Fire
– Your New Hometown

Special Music:
The band Mossback has released a special charity fundraising song called “Askin’ Why”. It was included in this episode. Please pick up your own copy of this song at the band’s web site for only $1 USD. All proceeds benefit Multiple Sclerosis research.

The Big Break Podcast

Background Music:
Blue Sky and Champagne by Dreamweaver [PMN]
Begin of Fight by Dreamweaver [PMN]
Stop Writing Songs About California by Gentlemen’s Gun Club [PMN]

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Special thanks to Bob Taylor and Drew Hardwal for their voice talents on Audio Gumshoe. Please visit their sites, as well as Rich’s voiceover site, for your voiceover needs.

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