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A Look at the Xray

Music Xray logo imageToday’s show features a variety of artists that have submitted their songs using the service Music Xray. This is an interesting site that helps musicians connect with opportunities. Visitors/listeners can also benefit by finding many new artists that you’ve never heard. If you like what you hear — or perhaps don’t — please leave me your thoughts/feedback by clicking the “Send Voicemail” tab on the right hand side of the page — or by visiting the voicemail page. You can also submit your comments using the form on the contact page.

Artists and Songs Played

Artist: Win The Day
Song: Walk This World

Artist: Road to Nowhere
Song: Mental Exercise

Artist: The Ground Above
Song: Compliments

Artist: Lillian Todd-Jones
Song: Butter Soul

Artist: David Tribble
Song: I Don’t Mind

Artist: Michael T. Hannan
Song: The John Lee Hooker Train

Artist: Alex Hirsch
Song: Buffalo Bill Tragedy

Artist: Evan Egerer
Song: Live My Life

Artist: MaHa Rocks
Song: In Mind

Artist: The Spins
Song: Never Let It Go

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